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Our Services

The Muscat Center for Future Studies is a valuable resource for decision-makers in Oman. By providing them with insights into the future, the center can help them to make better decisions that will benefit the country.

Here are some of the services that the Muscat Center for Future Studies offers:

  • Conducting foresight studies on a wide range of topics, including economic, social, technological, and environmental trends.
  • Providing analysis and advice on how to anticipate and prepare for future challenges and opportunities.
  • Organizing workshops and conferences on future studies.
  • Providing training and education on future studies.
  • Providing consulting services to public and private sector.
  • Conducting opinion polls and monitoring and analysis services.

If you are a decision-maker in Oman and you are looking for help in making better decisions about the future, the Muscat Center for Future Studies is a valuable resource. Contact the center today to learn more about its services.